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It’s no secret that this is the time of year, where we look backwards and forward at the same time. We look back over the year in gratitude for the many gifts that we have received and the goals we have achieved. At the same time we are filled with excitement about our goals for the coming year.

What I know about you is that reaching your life goals are very important, it is also, equally important for you to live a life of meaning by tuning in to the highest vision for your life and setting intentions that are aligned with your soul's purpose.

Together we will lay a foundation for our new year through the transformative process and sacred rituals of meditation, visioning and setting  sacred intentions.  

Step Into Your Vision Now!

Join us for the Visioning and Setting Your Sacred Intentions Workshop to create a year that is in perfect alignment with universal principles, giving yourself permission to take action and step into your vision NOW!  

Let me explain how to register. Simply click on the Any Amount Donation link below and submit your tax-free donation to reserve your seat in the workshop. 

Any Amount Donation