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Heart to Heart is an open conversation where we share with each other the insights that we are learning and how we are inspired. Connecting with others who are wise and brilliant will spark our curiosity and illuminate our lives. One of the best ways to expand and learn is through sharing what has inspired you with an open heart. I invite you to share your voice with like minds and bring your insights into the conversation.

Heart to Heart will be held every second Wednesday of the month. Being a part of this dynamic conversation each month is a great way to connect in community with each other and will sharpen our creative process. All conversations are journeys in which we share, receive and create something new which makes Heart to Heart the perfect addition to our new Wisdom Wednesday events.

How does it work? Simply put, the goal is share an insight and convey an idea that other people can benefit from. 

Come prepared to share and receive. You can share by sharing your insights or sharing in the conversation. 

Each person who would like to share, will share their insights for 10 to 15 minutes and then we will have a conversation about how to apply that concept or idea in our lives or in our work.

Here are a few ideas….

• What are you currently interested in or curious about?

• What have you read recently that would be interesting to the other people?

• What is an intriguing new thought that you would like to share and defend?

• Would you like to share the main points of an inspiring book that you are reading?

• Have you heard a lecture, talk or discussion and would like to share the principles you learned?

• Is there a new trend in your industry that has sparked your interest?

• Have you attended a retreat, conference or event that you would love to share?

If this speaks to you, invite your friends! Ask yourself, if you could see within someone's notebook who would that person be. Invite them in on the conversation!