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This course is about you! What could be better?! There is so much to read about what others think, but when it comes right down to it, all that matters is what you think and feel. It is designed as a personal workbook, a journal in which to contemplate your thoughts, opinions, questions, revelations, and everything that comes in-between. In the workbook you will read articles that will present ideas for you to consider, followed by questions which will ask you to reach deep inside yourself to discover what you truly believe. There is no right or wrong. The beauty is in the rich, authentic awakening to who you know yourself to be today, at this time in your life.

The first class will include registration, orientation and visioning. In the orientation section of the class we will discuss the purpose for this class, exploring our class schedule and discuss an overview of the training.


What you will need for your journey

An open heart and a journal.


No textbook required; the 170 page student workbook contains all reading material.

NOTE: No class on February 20th. 

Course Overview

Week 1: How Do I Know Myself? (Includes Registration, Orientation and Visioning)

Week 2: What is True About My Story?

Week 3: What is True About My Choices?

Week 4: What is True About My Beliefs?

Week 5: What is True About My Mind?

Week 6: What is True About My Emotions?

Week 7: What is True About My Faith?

Week 8: What is True About Me?

Note: You are invited to pre-register or register during the first class.