Spiritual Enrichment Class Calendar

A Hero's Journey ~ My Adventure Down the Yellow Brick Road - 8 Week Spiritual Enrichment Class

1 May - 19 Jun 2014


This "feel good" class is designed as a grand adventure of boundless possibilities filled with “Aha!” moments as each of us answers the call to take our own Hero’s Journey down the yellow brick road! The beloved story The Wizard of Oz has the power to reveal heroic aspects of yourself that you might not have considered before - it’s time to give yourself some credit! Guided by leader and teacher Jean Houston, enjoy an adventure of self-discovery and your connection to a larger world as you explore Oz like never before!

Registration is open through the second week of class.

TextbookThe Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz by Jean Houston

Prerequisites: None, everyone is invited to join us.

Facilitator: by Marie Kirkland, RScP

On My Path to Feeling My Feelings - 6 Week Spiritual Enrichment Class

10 July - 14 August 2014

You are more than the face that looks back at you in the mirror. You are a reservoir of self-awareness, self-understanding and self-compassion, found within the beauty of your very human emotions. Every time you become willing to sit in the quiet and let a negative feeling come forward to be felt, you begin the process of healing and self-acceptance that can only be found by honoring who you truly are, which includes your most negative feelings. In the process you find that nothing is negative; every single bit of you is held in Divine Love! You are God’s cherished one, exactly as you are.

Registration is open through the second week of class.

Student Workbook: Full workbook of 128 pages, including pages for journaling and weekly home study assignments.

Prerequisites: None

Facilitator: Marie Kirkland, RScP