Our Philosophy

Our teaching is drawn from many faiths, and as such, you will hear the wisdom of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam as well as contemporary teachers who speak right to our hearts. Our teachers include Jesus, Buddha, Emerson, Ernest Holmes, Rumi and many modern day mystics who teach us how we can become the masters of our own lives.  

When we use the spiritual principles in these teaching we discover we are empowered to manifest our highest good and be a beneficial presence in our global community.

We are a multi-cultural, intergenerational community that embraces and nurtures all people seeking personal growth and spiritual transformation. We are a licensed Centers for Spiritual Living Teaching Chapter. 

We teach the transformative philosophy of Science of Mind, New Thought Ancient Wisdom that empowers people to awaken to their own Divinity and that of all of life.

We encourage everyone to open to an ever-expanding experience of the Divine. We know that "the unlimited givingness of Spirit is available to all, to the degree that we are open to receive.

We live with an open heart by aligning with spiritual principle, practicing compassion and nurturing our personal relationship with the God of our understanding.