The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are
— Joseph Campbell

Embodying this privilege has been one of the greatest gifts of my spiritual journey. My continuous growth has come from embracing love regardless of what it looks like, aligning with truth and enjoying fellow travelers along the way.

I started on my conscious spiritual path in 2001, when my husband introduced me to the Agape International Spiritual Center through a USA Today article. My life opened wide. The greatest joy of my journey is to have been mentored by compassionate and courageous souls in the form of Rev Rae Metheny, Revs Joan and James Egea, Rev Mark Accomando and Rev Claire Middleton.  In 2011, I became a licensed practitioner. Continuing in my path as an outreach practitioner, I have been equally loved and embraced by the joy and love that is Rev Hilary Taylor and Rev Jane Beach (Conscious Living Center). They support me in fully expressing both the freedom of this teaching and heart-based facilitation. How wonderful it is to have traveled with such wonderful guides. 

On the local level, I am the spiritual director of the Centers for Spiritual Living Fayetteville Teaching Chapter. At the heart of our community is living with an open heart by aligning with spiritual principle and practicing compassion through everyday spiritual living practices. We offer spiritual discussions, spiritual cinema and non-certificated classes. My involvement extends beyond the local level in sacred service as a World Ministry of Prayer Practitioner.

On a personal note, I enjoy laughter and creating special moments with my family. I love traveling and exploring new places. I feel most at home near the ocean, and share equal passions for reading, writing and learning to play the guitar! I enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle, yoga and working out. At 57, I have embraced marathon running and I look forward to experiencing skydiving! Life is an adventure!


I invite you to embrace your personal journey as an exciting adventure. Unwrap each gift you receive with enthusiasm, wonder and joy! The gift you are unwrapping is your true self to Enjoy, Expand and Share! 

Thank you for stopping by my personal page. I welcome an opportunity to connect with you and share in your life journey as well. I invite you to send me an email or to meet in person at one of our upcoming events.

Peace and Joyous Living,



In addition to her life’s work as a spiritual practitioner, Marie is also a certified life coach, radio host of Conversational Journeys and a contributor to the Amazon bestselling book, Speaking Your Truth, Volume II. She is the author of the upcoming book, Gifts from a Spiritual Journey. She is currently allowing her new book, Living Aligned to gracefully and beautifully unfold. 

Prior to her journey as a practitioner and life coach, Marie served in the United States Army for 20 years, training and mentoring soldiers creating a legacy of leaders who are still serving our country today. Retiring in 1995, she began an eleven-year career as a financial professional and leader, serving as the President of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors – Fayetteville, NC Chapter.