Welcome to the CSL Fayetteville Teaching Chapter Community Slack! 

You are now one instant message away from connecting with other community members!

This Slack community is a supportive and positive home for our spiritual community to connect on a deeper level and learn from one another. It is especially helpful in connecting with one another between in person and virtual classes, gatherings and events.

Getting Started 

Here are some simple steps to get started:

  1. Set a profile photo
  2. Add your first and last name to your profile
  3. Introduce yourself in #1-introductions
  4. Join channels that interest you
    1. Click on "CHANNELS" on the sidebar
    2. Preview the channel and click "Join Channel" to Join.
  5. Have fun connecting!

To Get the Most Out of this Community

Guidelines for Sharing

Confidentiality - Very important in the process of your and others’ spiritual development in this community is having a sage space for evolvement. Your part in this is your commitment to observing and practicing confidentiality. For confidentiality to be maintained, it is important for each person to do the following:

  • Speak about your own feelings and experiences and not about what someone else has shared as their feelings and experiences.
  • Center yourself in love and compassion as you actively listen (read) with an open heart and refrain from giving advice.
  • Remember to honor the Divinity within each of us.

  • Self-promoting unless it is very relevant to the ongoing discussion
    • #ourcreativeexpression is the channel for sharing our own projects/work/achievements
  • Sharing a link without wanting to start a useful discussion around it
  • Changing a topic in the middle of a discussion
  • Being impolite
    • Crucial yet polite feedback for someone, may be more appropriate to share privately.

If you need any help, feel free to Direct Message me (@mariekirkland).

Thank you, again for joining us and I hope you enjoy learning and sharing with everyone here!  Are you ready to introduce yourself in #introductions now?

Marie Kirkland

Please Refrain From