CSL Fayetteville Slack-Etiquette - Version 0.1 

At the moment, our community is young, yet our members come from various cultures, and professions. Hence, it is essential to be aware that we might communicate and understand things differently.

Many of us are quite new to using Slack as a community platform. To make the experience in the community more pleasant for all members, let's embrace a common understanding on a few things. Please know that this is Version 0.1 could evolve as we grow. 


Be nice and polite. Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique. As we grow and evolve individually and collectively we may have different viewpoints. Listening and sharing with an open heart is always beneficial to all. 


Written communications could be easily misintepreted. Let's be mindful of how our words and tone might be understood, especially by members from different cultures and backgrounds. Also, please avoid sarcasm as it rarely communicates well.

Joining and Leaving Channels

  • Before sending a message, observe the conversation in a channel to get a little understanding of the energy and ongoing discussion in the channel.
  • It's alright for someone to leave a channel. It shows that they have gotten the answer they wanted or there were too many messages being sent in the channel at that moment. It is perfectly okay to not feel offended.

  • The beauty of Slack is that you can communicate live or post a comment and receive feedback later. This means that replies or feedback may be delayed.
  • As we are all doing our good work in the world, please do not take it personally if you do not receive a reply immediately. The person may be at work or asleep. Please feel free to post or ask the question again at a different time of day.



Please feel free to ask for help in the respective channels. If you aren't sure which channel to ask in, #-general would be a good place to ask. Someone will be happy to help or point you in the direction of someone who could help. Please feel free to contact me directly (@mariekirkland)

Asking for Help



Our community is positive and uplifting, however if a misunderstanding or miscommunication occurs or if you feel offended by another member of the community, know the highest and best for the situation, do not take it personally and talk to them privately or feel free to contact me (@mariekirkland) 

Happy connecting!

Marie Kirkland